We all know the person we call when something happens that just doesn’t make sense. That person may have the explicit knowledge, facts, or tacit knowledge and know-how that enables them to solve any unexpected problems that can pop up.

Whether your troubleshooter arrives at their solution via a procedural guide or by using Sherlock Holmes-like deductive skills, they will need data to guide and confirm their findings.

This means collecting a comprehensive set of data such as acceleration, strain, speed, temperature and currents.

Hardware to consider:

MICROQ – with HDI and tachometer

WSB42 – 4 x Bridge/ICP®/voltage channels make it possible to use strain gauges, LVDT, string pots, ICP® accelerometers, or voltage inputs

THM42 – 8 x mixable thermocouple/TP100/voltage/current channels

More Applications

End of the line Testing

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small portable measurements

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strain / fatigue
data collection

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mobile system

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larger portable measurents

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Large Scale Laboratory Applications

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Modal System

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