Far more than simply another small data acquisition system.

Whether you need an out-of-the-box system or a solution that can integrate into a larger landscape, the MICROQ provides this and more. With robust design that gives you laboratory quality measurements without keeping you there, the hand-held 2-18 channel MICROQ impresses with a simplified approach to measurement.

Sustainable, forward-thinking solutions to withstand fluctuations in technology.

Stable yet versatile, the MICROQ offers features such as the ability to both record in real time and store data for playback, the capacity for truly portable applications with a built-in battery and SSD, and unrivalled signal conditioning modularity for whatever the day might have in store.

By incorporating standards such as PCIe, Power over Ethernet and PTP IEEE 1588-2008, the MICROQ ensures longevity of investment and guarantees relevance in our clients’ ever changing and highly competitive markets.

All Mainframe Sizes

Small but Complete

We saw the need for a system that doesn't force our customers to choose between quality and simplicity, and inspires them to be confident in tackling new measurement scenarios in dynamic data acquisition.

Dr. Gilmer Klintworth
Founder of MECALC, creators of the QuantusSeries and PAK MKII ranges.

Equipped for any Measurement Scenario

From Entry-Level to Advanced

The MICROQ range provides a balance of high-quality data, size and affordable price.

Different MICROQ options are available to minimise your investment. Options range from MICROQs perfectly suited for laboratory applications that require non-modular signal conditioning channels, to MICROQs that provide the same laboratory quality along with portability for field measurements.

No investment is ever wasted on a MICROQ, as it can synchronize with other systems or incorporate new QModules as your needs develop. No other system today can compete with this.


Accessible Open Data Formats

QuantusSeries instruments store data in open and accessible formats, increasing adaptability and allowing you to choose how to process and manage your data.

Tight integration with cloud or enterprise environments allows access to a host of monitoring, processing and storage solutions.

Smart Setup and Control

Using a smart device interface, you can set up your system, control your measurements, review / playback completed measurements, and more.

Cut the Cord

Enjoy increased uninterrupted battery powered operation by hot swapping External MICROQ Batteries and charging them on the DOCKQ.

Unrivalled Signal Conditioning

Enjoy high-quality modular signal conditioning with QModules that can be used on any QuantusSeries system. With sampling rates of up to 1 MSa/s, QModules compatible with the MICROQ provide unrivalled signal conditioning quality in any situation.


Streamlined Workflow and 100% Data Confidence

Experience seamless integration into your network by docking your MICROQ into the DOCKQ for overnight maintenance and 100% data confidence.

Robust Lab Quality Portable Measurements

The MICROQ boasts a robust design that provides laboratory quality measurements suitable for any application. With the MICROQ, you get a troubleshooter, recorder and a system equipped for laboratory applications, all in one device.

Its robust design includes an ambient temperature range of -20 °C to 50 °C (-4 °F to 122 °F), a sealed chassis for dirty environments, conduction cooling, a design specified for shock and vibration environments, battery power, the choice between PoE Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in data storage.

Longevity of Investment

Since 1984, our data acquisition instruments have led longevity of investment in the market. Forward thinking design has allowed our systems to withstand rapidly advancing technology while maintaining a sustainable foundation. The MICROQ provides high-quality signal conditioning, modularity within the system and between it and our larger DECAQ systems.

Interested? Let our sales team help you build your own.

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Mobility Defined. Find out how the MICROQ is changing the measurement landscape.

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