Modular Signal Conditioning

Using the same stable modular platform, QuantusSeries provides advanced signal conditioning supported by powerful circuitry and data handling capabilities. Our highly accurate, interchangeable signal conditioning QModules achieve high-speed data acquisition with the highest analog and digital signal quality, translating into a high dynamic range with low noise performance and distortion.

Modular Configuration

Each QModule is optimized for a specific task while some combine different functions in one Module. Our range of QModules are continuously under development to accommodate new features and the latest technologies.

Ensuring compatibility and lasting value, QModules can be swapped and utilized according to the measurement need of the day and are compatible with all QuantusSeries products.

PQ30 G2, ICP42 G2, ICP42S G2, ICT42 G2, ICT42S G2, ICS42 G2, ALI42 G2, ALI42B G2, DCH42S G2, CHG42S G2, THM42 G2, MIC42X G2, WSB42X G2, WSB42 G2, ALO42S G2, CAN42 G2, FLX42 G2, ECT42 G2, GPS42 G2, IRG42 G2, DAR42 G2
      50 V galvanic isolation from one Module to another | Automatic internal calibration capability | All settings are software configurable
      Excellent signal to noise performance | Excellent spurious free-dynamic range, total harmonic distortion and crosstalk
      Finely tuned for the best performance at the lowest possible power | Protection to accommodate both transient and continuous over-voltages
      Strong Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) screening for lower noise floor | Firmware protection from excessive external EMI events
      Low power consumption

Match your Sensor


At a Glance


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Parameters Overview

Lasting value provided by modular, high-quality signal conditioning.

Simply add more QModules to increase channels in a particular system or support a new sensor. Adding new QModules as the need arises allows you to benefit from consistent improvements like finer performance balances, higher dynamic ranges, higher sampling rates, improved analog quality as well as lower noise and distortion.

Our standards-based concept protects the compatibility of QModules for use on all QuantusSeries products, ensuring a long-lasting investment through stable yet adaptable high-quality signal conditioning.

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