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Our QuantusSeries range has been designed specifically for Aerospace, Defense and Automotive applications. MECALC has over 150 000 channels of high precision dynamic data acquisition installed in the market. Its range of signal conditioning and communication options make QuantusSeries one of the most versatile systems available. From 2 channels to 1000s of channels, QuantusSeries provides a solid measurement platform for the measurement and distribution of critical data.


Product Applications

Typical user stories for QuantusSeries products include:

      From single and multiple channels across all sensor types | From single and multiple sample rates per chassis
      From slow to fast sampling rates | From small to large channel counts in a single chassis | From one to multiple chassis
      From running independently to running time synchronously with other systems via IRIG, GPS and PTP
      From a full software solution to using an embedded algorithm to monitor the status of a critical test (such as jet engine testing)
      From tethered to standalone | From measurement only to measurement and control

Read on to find out more about our products and their application possibilities.

End of the line Testing

The combination of increasing quality requirements, year over year cost reductions, and just-in-time part delivery all contribute to the increasing need for end of line (EOL) testing. For this type of testing our entry-level MICROQ with its included IVI driver provides the balance of high-quality data and affordable system price. Read on for more information.

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small portable measurements

When getting ready for your measurement involves stuffing your system into an overhead compartment or strapping it to a motorcycle tank, being compact is always appreciated. Read more for a detailed description of how the MICROQ is a perfect fit for this scenario.

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Modal System

The analysis of natural frequencies and mode shapes of articles under test are of interest in many different fields. Engineers use these results for the design and improvement of everything from cars and rockets, to silicon wafer production systems. Read more to see how the MICROQ can provide the perfect solution for these types of analysis.

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strain / fatigue
data collection

The importance of product durability cannot be overstated. From the components which make up a car’s suspension, to the blades that constitute a jet engine, in many cases product failure can be catastrophic. Read on for information about our WSB24X Module, a bridge completion Module that can work with both constant voltage and constant current strain gauges.

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mobile system

Increased pressures from the global car industry requires that every link in the supply chain to more with less. There is typically less time to bring refreshed content to the market and less access to prototype vehicles. The ‘more’ side of this equation is easy: more data. Read on to see how the MICROQ is well suited for such a workflow.

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larger portable measurements

In the product development timeline there never seems to be an allowance for instrumentation. If you barely have time to do it once you certainly don’t have time to do it again. With priceless prototype vehicles in heavy demand, every department is pressured to optimize or reduce testing hours. Read on to find out how the DECAQ provides a solution through high channel density and data you can trust.

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Whether your troubleshooter arrives at their solution via a procedural guide or by using Sherlock Holmes-like deductive skills, they will need data to guide and confirm their findings. Read more to find out how the MICROQ is an adept assistant in these situations.

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Distributed Systems: Wind Turbine and Passenger Jet Fly-Overs

When faced with testing scenarios with either relative motion between components of interest or large physical dimensions, distributed measurement systems offer a way to accomplish the measurement task. In these situations, a cluster of small battery powered devices can offer the most efficient solution. Read more to see how the MICROQ's compact form factor makes it the ideal solution for distributed measurements.

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Large Scale Laboratory Applications

In large scale testing laboratories, several unique considerations can include long cable runs, a heterogenous environment, and a combination of challenging factors such as high channel counts, high data rates, and the inability to retest. With the DECAQ and our RackMounts, channel counts are limited only by your measurement requirements. Read on to find out more.

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